c. 1787-1790
Patrick St. Lawrence
or the
 "Yellow House"

Pittsborough (Pittsboro) N.C.
c. 1787
The Patrick St. Lawrence House-Tavern was built in the newly formed town of Pittsborough North Carolina, c. 1787, on one of the corner lots. The town on the new Town Square. Mr. St. Lawrence one of the towns early commissioners and help to plan the town's plat in the Lancaster Square Plan.

Patrick St Lawrence house owned by:  Mrs. Emily T. Bower c. 1955

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St. Lawrence Tavern


It has been stated that the St. Lawrence house was first built to be used as an inn (ordinary). There are some unique features that help to support this idea. A large wood panel wall was built in two sections that can be lifted, fastened to the ceiling and creating a 27 ft. X 27 ft. ball or meeting room. When the wall was lowered, the home became a center hall design.  The house was first located on town lot No. 50, directly facing the court house in the town square. When the court was in session, there was a need for food, lodging and  places for social gatherings.

The St. Lawrence house has changed ownership numerous times over the past
225 years. It has served as a residence, tavern (ordinary) or inn and a dormitory for the Pittsborough Academy students. The house has been moved three times and currently sits on its forth foundation. There have been few changes to the interior of the house other than the fireplaces, mantels and removal of the plaster, but the exterior now has a Victorian designed front porch, enclosed back porch and the removal of all chimneys.
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Town Plat
Pittsborough NC
C. 1787


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