c. 1787 Georgian Home
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Oil Painting Yellow House
The early Georgian/Federal house was built in c.1787 by Patrick St. Lawrence. The St. Lawrence house was one of the first houses built in the newly formed town of Pittsborough (spelling changed to: Pittsboro c. 1825) and has been relocated within the original town plat three times. It is now located on its forth foundation on S. Small St. Pittsboro, NC. Please click on the History link to read about the history of Chatham County, Town of Pittsborough and the Patrick St. Lawrence House.

Early 20th Century painting of the Patrick St. Lawrence house by: Annie Bynum

Pre Restoration Pictures
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My Slideshow Video.MP4 House moving to Small St.     Click link to the left to view slide how
St. Lawrence house new location on S. Small St.
Front view from S. Small St.
Janet and Cathleen on the front porch after the closing on the St. Lawrence house

View of the front ball room prior to cleaning
Note; the diagonal line for the corner fireplace hearth. This hearth area showed the greatest floor wear. It may have been used to keep the food warm prior to serving. (warming kichen) There is eveidence of a cooking fireplace in the cellar and most likely there was an out building or summer kitchen on the property.
Right rear roo will be used a warming kitchen. A small kitchen will be added to the rear section of the warming kitchen that will house the refrigator and range.
Warming kitchen
Replacement fireplace in the right front room. This fireplace will be removed and replaced with the correct corner fireplace. The Federal mantel will also be replaced with a Georgian Mantel. The hearth floor cut is the same as the rear right warming kitchen.
The modern kitchen was moved to the right front room. This room will serve as the dinning room after restoration. Location is right front.
Right front room
The sink will be reused in the upstairs bathroom.
The dividing hinged partition that raises to create the ball room. Note the doors at each end of the room. Doors were used to close the room to the center hallway when the partition was in it's lower position.
Another view of the hinge wall
Stair system with it's hexagonal newel post
The fireplace is non functional and has a beautiful reeded federal mantel. This mantel will be relocated to the second floor fireplace and a Georgian mantel will replace it. The St. Lawrence house had six fireplaces (there is evidence that there was a cooking fireplace in the basement) one over one in the ball room and second floor left room. Two over two corner fire places on the right side of the house.
Federal Mantle
Federal Mantle
Federal Mantle
Federal Mantle
Original L hinges on the interior doors
Stairs from first floor to landing
Second floor octagonal newel post.
Second floor to landing railings
Second floor center hall railing
Second floor center hall railing
Chair rail and interior window sill
Roof system us amazing! The Yellow house was built to last!

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 "Yellow House"